“Imagine yourself in a carnival funhouse. You step inside and the lights go dim. You can barely see what’s in front of you so you reach out your arms to feel your way along the walls, but this is no use. Beyond the strange tingling sensation in your fingertips, all you can feel are some large, unidentifiable objects. Suddenly the floor becomes uneven and you lose your balance. Trying to gain your bearings with limited sight and touch is tricky enough, but now it’s almost impossible to concentrate because you are constantly bombarded by a hodgepodge of random, jarring noises. Quickly realizing that this is not as “fun” as you had hoped, you struggle to make your way to the end and finally find the exit. You step out into daylight and onto steady ground, safely away from the chaotic madhouse.”
This is a description of what it feels like to be a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease as experienced in a Virtual Dementia Tour,  a “virtual passport into the world of dementia” created by psychologist,P.K. Beville who’s mission it is to educate caregivers, nursing students, and medical students on the challenges that one with Alzheimer’s disease faces everyday.   Beville developed a kit designed to simulate the physiological changes in the brains of people with dementia. The kit is relatively simple: a pair of swim goggles with the vision obscured by a small circle; a thick pair of gloves; and shoe inserts with small plastic spikes. A volunteer puts on these items and then listens to a CD and tries to follow the instructions she hears.
The Virtual Dementia Tour will be available in Raleigh/Cary on November 21 at Clare Bridge in Cary. (7870 Chapel Hill Rd., Cary, NC)

If you are an eldercare professional or caregiver of a person with dementia or memory loss—do not miss this free community event sponsored by Raleigh Neurology and Clare Bridge of Cary featuring:
Memory screenings– for early detection of the symptoms of dementia—find out whether additional follow up is necessary
Virtual Dementia Tour– a program that sensitizes caregivers to the symptoms of dementia, resulting in better care for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Documentaries featuring top researchers- to provide the most up to date information on dementia—diagnosis, treatment, research, and care
Geriatric Care Managers- Lauren Watral from Raleigh Geriatric Care Management will be available to meet with you and discuss your concerns about living with and caring for your loved one who has dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease
In addition, information about ongoing research studies involving dementia and Alzheimer’s disease will be available.

There are approximately 35 million Americans age 65 and older and more than 4.5 million suffer from dementia. Dementia is the overriding diagnosis for cognitive impairments – the largest category under dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.
There are a limited number of slots for the Virtual Dementia Tour; please make your reservations ASAP.
To RSVP please call 877-307-8839



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