“Beyond Driving with Dignity; The workbook for older drivers ”is now available in Raleigh, NC

May 20, 2013 – RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh Geriatric Care Management http://www.rgcmgmt.com is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Keeping Us Safe http://www.keepingussafe.org and are now an authorized distributor for the nationally-recognized “Beyond Driving with Dignity; The workbook for older drivers and their families”.

The workbook was specifically designed to help families by providing a “roadmap to success” in their quest to overcome the challenges of an older driver’s safety.  It is designed to be used by families as a tool to meet the demands of a potential problem (tragedy) as they become suspect of a loved-one’s ability to remain a safe driver.

The workbook is quickly gaining popularity across both the United States and Canada as an invaluable tool in helping families (and geriatric professionals) deal with what can be a very emotionally charged and daunting family concern.

Timely and appropriate use of this workbook and of all available resources will help keep families from making many of the common mistakes encountered by others as they move toward a possible driving retirement for their loved one.

Lauren Watral, Certified “Beyond Driving with Dignity” Professional and owner of Raleigh Geriatric Care Management, explains that “Working through this instrument will help your family make driving-related decisions that are not only in the best interest of the older driver, but decisions that simultaneously find themselves in the best interest of highway safety in general.  The workbook was designed to be used by your family in the confidence and comfort of your own home, most likely seated right at your family’s kitchen table.”

Keeping Us Safe is an international organization that provides practical, real-life solutions to older drivers and their families.  Their programs are designed to save lives while simultaneously helping to ease the burden of the family as they find themselves faced with this very challenging issue.

To learn more about the workbook or to place an order, contact Lauren Watral (lwatral@rgcmgmt.com) at 919-803-8025 or visit the Raleigh Geriatric Care Management website at http://www.rgcmgmt.com/.


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